Saturday, 9 December 2017

This last week we focused on the cartwheel and it's related components. We began with the front roll (summersault), moved onto the Teddy Bear headstand, followed by Donky Kicks (hands on the matt and kicking both feet up in the air), then Donky kicks while kicking the feet side to side and eventually the cartwheel. I and the TAs helped the students with the cartwheels - a good workout for us! We also had some fun with log rolls and jumping over the rolling logs. Due to the Xmas concert rehearsals, the classes were on a different PE schedule however some students had the opportunity to jump over a bench as well as do a cartwheel over a bench! (donky kick). Since we were working hard at developing our upper and lower body strength ("Mrs legs are hurting....." Me: "That's good! That's what I'm trying to do!) we incorporated some other fun activities like bean bag toss and scooters. 
I'm having to be a bit creative with the space we have due to the auditorium being occupied for concert rehearsals as well as Book Fair. Not to worry - I can tire the students out in a relatively small amount of space. One day, we used a hallway and marched, jogged, shuffled, stomped, crab walked and hopped! Another day we did PE in the classroom and did jumping jacks, pushups, airplane balancing poses and bridges. : )
As the weather gets colder and there are fewer opportunities for parents to take their children to playgrounds etc, I'll be sure to make an effort to give them adequate cardiovascular and strength exercises to get rid of the "heebee jeebees" lol

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