Friday, 10 November 2017

We've started our dance unit! I will expose them to a number of different styles from different countries and so far we've done Hip Hop (US) and Highland Dance. Many of the kids hadn't seen or heard of Highland Dance so it was an opportunity to discuss it's origin, Scotland, the Bag Pipes as well as the Kilt - Men wear it too! Many of the students were resistant to trying it but I encouraged everyone to participate and at the end of the class, asked them to raise their hand if they enjoyed it. I got a unanimous "YES!!!"
The Hip Hop routine was to "Watch Me Whip." I recommend you try and copy the moves from the video. You'll enjoy the workout! Especially for the "Break Your Legs" move.
The Highland Dance routine we practiced was to The Proclaimers, I'm On My Way. (But doesn't play when I shoot a video).

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  1. Hi Ms. J, thanks for posting! We are unable to see the videos - any chance you have encountered this problem and might have a solution?


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