Friday, 15 December 2017

This week, the Grade 1s and 2s were introduced to Parkour

Movements which came from military training through obstacle courses. It makes you see your environment in a new way. It’s often done in urban settings but can be done anywhere. Created by Raymond Belle in France and popularized by son David Belle in the 1980s. There's a flow to the movement. ie) No stopping
David assembled a group of 9 friends called the Yamakasi which were in movies during incredible feats for charitable means.

“Yamakasi" meaning – Strong Body, Strong Spirit, Strong Person”
Components of the tribe were they had to be strong:

When recruiting other members, they were evaluated to make sure they had the same values of honesty, respect, humility, sacrifice and hard work.

Rules of the Yamakasi:
*No one could be late. It would hold back the whole group for training.
*If anyone completed a challenge, they all had to do it.
* Magic number was 10x in a row to complete a move. If one member made a mistake, they all had to start over to do it 10x
*No complaining ever. No excuses
* Had to know limits - safety

Couldn’t lie about executing a move. Couldn’t be a show off if he could do a move and someone else couldn’t. Wouldn’t be exercising humility.

Course example
1.     Jump over chair
2.     Shoulder roll on mat
3.     Step up over bench and big jump
4.     Donkey kick variation – feet together, hands to ground kick and jump up
5.     Vault over tool bench (forwards)
6.     Run to side, foot on bench or wall (bench is leaning against wall) one foot on bench and push off
7.     Cartwheel or donkey kick over bench

8.     Jump over object – tuck jump or star jump

For the JKs and SKs, we spoke a bit about Parkour but didn't get too much into the details of the Yamakasi. Plus, due to Xmas concert rehearsals, we were sometimes relegated to classroom PE where we were creative with the activities in the small space!

I took several videos of students flowing through the course. I'll email the videos to the teachers. 

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