Friday, 3 November 2017

Grade 1s and 2s:
Basketball - For this unit, we focused on dribbling, passing and catching. In the auditorium (no nets) we used kids to be the net and if their teammates passed the ball to them, they got 2 points! Many students really improved on their skills and gained more confidence in the game environment. We had some pretty spirited moments but we were able to resolve any conflicts quickly.

JK and SK:
Obstacle courses - I designed several obstacle courses for the students to work on a variety of skills: Balance, eye-hand coordination, strength and agility. I incorporated some challenges, such as moving the benches a bit further apart to create a gap when stepping across. Some found this easy but many were apprehensive at first however with some encouragement, we're all crossing the bench with ease. "Look Mrs. J! I'm doing it by myself!" : )

(Photos to be uploaded shortly)

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