Friday, 1 December 2017

This week we continued to develop strength, fitness and skills in different stations. (Unfortunately I'm having a hard time uploading my photos for this one).
Stations included:
1. Basketballs - they tried some new tricks such as through the legs and behind the back.
2. Bean Bags - to improve eye-hand coordination and aim. Some tried with their eyes closed.
3. Skipping ropes - the grade 1s and 2s were able to build on their Personal Best from the skipping unit. The SKs were able to practice the proper timing of turning the rope and jumping.
4. Strength: Push ups, sit ups and squats were some exercises to build strength.
5. Plank walk and Jump: walking along the bench develops balance and jumping off the end onto a mat develops strength.
6. Scooters - students discovered ways of moving in all directions on wheels. Also, spatial awareness - watch where you're going!

During the Science Fair and Christmas Concert rehearsals we were and will be limited to the library and music room for PE activities. On Wednesday we did Yoga and discussed the origin - India and why we do it.
1. To make us calm
2. To build strength
3. To develop flexibility

Yesterday we set up exercise stations which included:
* Jumping Jacks
* Sit ups
* Donkey Kicks
* Dancing
* Crawling under a table
* Push Ups
* Squats
* Rest - lying on a mat like a starfish : )

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