Friday, 27 October 2017

This week I focused on Basketball skills for the Grade 1s and 2s: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting. Some of the drills included a relay race and the kids learned that when they get excited, they lose control of the ball! The trick is to stay calm. Next week we'll implement our skills in game play where we can focus on teamwork. 
For the Kindies, we discussed modes of Transportation and how people from all over the world used the same means to get from A to B. Land: Cars, trucks, trains, motorcyles etc... Air: Planes, Rockets, Drones, Hot Air Balloons and Sea: Speed Boats, Sail boats, Ships, submarines etc... We played various tag games while the children got to mimic these various modes of transport. 
Pictured above was a balancing course I created! There was a pile of beams by the shed that I figured I'd put to good use. It was an opportunity for the kids to practice balance. Also gives them something else to do at recess : )
Something I've observed is the kids desire to tattle tale. I'm trying to encourage them to solve their conflicts on their own by using the structure of "The Conflict Resolution Corner." ie) I feel sad because....., sorry I did X, I won't do it again...shake hands and be done with it. It teaches them to communicate their feelings in a productive way and solve their conflicts independently. Some have really taken to it. Still working on it with some others. We'll get there!

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