Monday, 9 October 2017

This week we talked about whole foods vs packaged food.
Whole Foods come from Plants (and Walmart, according to the kids) and contain just one ingredient. "Grapes"  Packaged foods come from a factory and have a lllllong list of ingredients....some of them very difficult to pronounce, even for adults. Whole Foods have a short shelf life and Packaged Foods have a long one. Whole Foods contribute to Healthy Bodies! Packaged foods can still be eaten as long as enough whole foods are consumed.
Tag Game: "Whole Foods and Processed Foods"
Two teams are formed: 1. Whole Foods and 2. Processed Foods
The Whole Foods (like Cops) count to 15 in "jail." The Processed Foods (Robbers) scatter.
The Whole Foods try and tag the Processed foods. Once tagged the Processed foods must surrender and allow the Whole Foods cops to put pretend handcuffs on them while they gently bring them to "Jail."
The kids have fun, got lots of exercise, learned about contributing factors to a healthy body and realized the importance of following the rules. If we all follow the rules, we all have fun. If some of us don't, it creates conflict with other students. All great lessons to learn!

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