Friday, 13 October 2017

This week, we added onto our Healthy Bodies discussion by going over the importance of sleep.
Game: Pick a card, any card! "10 to 12 hours sleep" means lots of energy therefore 10 sprints.
"7 to 9 hours" isn't quite enough sleep so just 4 sprints. "0 sleep = ZOMBIE..just one sprint, giving their best zombie impression.
We've begun the unit in Jump Rope. The intention was to start yesterday but the mass of knotted ropes wouldn't allow it. I tasked the grade 1s and 2s with setting the skipping ropes free! It was an opportunity to discuss Focus, Concentration, Teamwork, Patience and not giving up. All qualities required for success in life. Lucky kids in the last class were able to enjoy the fruits of the previous classes' labour and actually skip. One student, couldn't skip once at the beginning of class but skipped 4 consecutive times! I tried to post the video of this but the file was too long : (
We'll continue developing these skills over the next while. Skipping is great for the legs, heart, lungs and agility.

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